Curtis Studio

Welcome to Curtis Studio.  This site is for those interested in commissioning a traditional portrait, painted in oils by the distinguished artist, Thomas Pelham Curtis.  Both the serious client and those simply curious about portraiture are welcome to browse this gallery of fine paintings, the better to gain insight into a very special art form…an art form that has been used over the centuries to honor kings, princes and presidents…the great, the near great and loved ones, to be cherished by every generation.

Thomas Pelham Curtis

THOMAS PELHAM CURTIS learned the skills of portraiture at an early age in the studio of his artist mother, the well-known Elizabeth Curtis.  After receiving an AB degree from Harvard, he went on to round out his education in art, studying drawing at the Corcoran School of Art and painting at Cardinal Stritch College. After 14 years as an editorial cartoonist, he began his painting career and has had his own studio since 1984.  He is also well known in the Midwest for his popular classes in art and art history.

OVER THE YEARS, Curtis had developed a distinguished style that is complementary to his subjects.  He particularly enjoys and specializes in painting portraits, for which he has received many national and international commissions.  He has earned many honors and awards throughout the years.  His works are included in prestigious corporate and private collections and have appeared in exhibitions.